The view from the i|MS office
at G+J Headquarters in Hamburg
Are your international sales fragmented and a headache to manage?

Budgets are fluctuating unpredictably?

Every country requires a different approach?

Transparency about decision-making is difficult to obtain?

You are selling digital, print and other media at the same time?

Then you need the best sales team in the world

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We are the leading sales network for quality media

We offer a reliable structure for international sales

We are part of Gruner + Jahr Germany, one of the most innovative publishers in Europe, publishing more than 500 print and digital media in over 20 countries. With €1.5 billion turnover and an operating EBITA of €145 million (2017), G+J provides a reliable and financially sound backing for our international sales operations.

G+J belongs to Bertelsmann, Europe’s largest media group, active in 50 countries worldwide.

The team at the i|MS headquarters in Hamburg coordinates and supports the sales activities of our sales offices as well as international representatives.

We own seven sales offices in the most important European markets and on top we work with sales people in more than 30 countries worldwide.

As part of Gruner + Jahr we have a publisher “DNA” and therefore understand the needs of our media partners.

Our portfolio consists of premium quality digital, print, broadcast, inflight and out-of-home media.

As our partner, your media benefit from the strengths of our portfolio and its relevance for advertisers and agencies.

Our teams are ready to sell print, digital, events and sponsorships in all its variations – from day one.

We offer representation in single markets or regions as well as global representation.

In addition to sales we can take care of your invoicing, money collection as well as ad management procedures.

Our service to media partners is as customized as the media solutions that we offer to advertisers and their agencies.

i|MS office at G+J Headquarters
in Hamburg

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We cover more than 30 countries directly and through sales representatives

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